"No-one works harder to keep your vehicles in traffic"
Sabre Rail are industry defining rail component service & manufacturer specialists. For over 30 years we have challenged the accepted industry benchmarks...
"I need them back in 24 hrs..."
With unrivalled maintenance turnaround schedules, Sabre Rail are the default choice for the smart operator. Bankable reliability to maximise your fleet availability.
"Intelligent Engineering?"
We do not merely refurbish and return customer components. Our world class re-engineering programme ensures 21st century innovative solutions. Delivered against every project we undertake... Irrespective of the age of your rolling stock.
"Bespoke & Agile?"
We believe that bespoke levels of quality, OR swift delivery turnaround should not be a choice... It should be a service benchmark.
"Compromise? Not an option."
Working in such safety critical operating environments our customers cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to servicing. At Sabre Rail we offer almost infinite levels of flexibility on service & delivery schedules... With zero reduction in quality.
We are always willing to learn. So when World Leading Manufacturers wish to work with Sabre Rail, we welcome the opportunity.
"Striving to be the best..."
It is rather easy to make bold claims about market superiority. We prefer to let our list of world class clients do the talking...

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