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Working with partners optimises solutions. Atlas Copco are the largest manufacturer of Railway Compressors in Europe, and Probably the World. Their expertise is unrivalled, their products are second to none. When Atlas Copco looked for a partner to grow their Rail business in the UK, they looked for the company with the best reputation for engineering, quality and customer service. They found Sabre Rail.

If you're familiar with old reciprocating compressors, you're probably familiar with water and oil carryover, unreliability, noise and vibration.

We offer solutions for any vehicle application. Powered by AC, DC, Hydraulic or mechanical shaft. Oil Free or Lubricated, scroll, screw or piston. Your choice. The only aspect you don't get to choose is reliability. That comes as standard with all our products.

Compressors, dryers, receivers and all air treatment packages. Call us to discover what strengths our partnership can offer.

Atlas Copco


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