What We Do

At Sabre Rail we supply new and refurbished components to the global rail industry.

To many, refurbished suggest a steam clean and a fresh lick of paint...

We prefer to call our process High performance Re-Engineering as we carefully profile each component that arrives at our facility with a strict mantra to not only service back to original specification, but wherever possible improve original specification and longevity.

Put simply, if it's mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic we have the experience and expertise to service and return with truly industry defining pace of turnaround. Fleet availability is integral to the success of our customers, so we make it central to our own, offering component refurbishment and release that can be measured in hours rather than weeks...

The links below will show you greater detain of the products and services we supply, however if you can't find what you're looking for please don't hesitate to drop us a line as we're confident we can help.


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